Marbling paint kits

“Need a little help creating your first artwork with your Craftorama Marbling Paint Kit? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Let’s make it together!

Video Tutorials

Part 1
Preparing your artstation

Part 2
Making your first marbled painting

Part 3
Various techniques and designs demo

Bonus Projects

Have you finished your beautiful marbled paper? Great! And the fun does not stop there 🙂 Here are some free bonus projects you can make with your marbled paper.


Yes, you can! This paint will work on any material that is light in color, smooth and absorbant. 

We have used it on cork coasters, rocks, small clay objects, objects of unfinished wood like small boxes and picture frames, paper mache letters, other kinds of paper, fabric and more. 

This paint will not work well with materials that are not absorbant, like ceramics, plastic, glass and anything with a waterproof coating.

Because the paper absorbs a lot of liquid while it is painted, it can indeed warp a little. This is normal, and it can easily be fixed. 
One solution is to flatten the paper under some heavy books (after it has completely dried, so you don’t stain the books) or you can iron it flat on medium heat with no steam.

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