Fun Summer Activities for Kids That You’ll Love Doing With Them

Looking for fun activities this summer that will engage your kids and keep them busy (and away from their gadgets)? Then download our FREE summer activities PDF and try out these 10 simple summer activities that are loads of fun to do for the whole family:

  1. Get your art materials and draw a garden gnome
  2. Have a family picnic and take lots of photos
  3. Water balloon dodgeball
  4. Learn how to sew. If you’re looking for ways to start, have a look at our beginner-friendly sewing kits for children.
  5. Try tie dying with old shirts
  6. Draw all your adventures and places you’ve visited in a summer sketch journal 
  7. Press flowers and keep them in a notebook
  8. Make and fly a kite
  9. Set up a lemonade stand
  10. Have a board game night


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