10 Sewing Projects for Kids

Sewing with your kids is a great way to bond while they learn a valuable skill and explore their creativity. We’ve compiled 10 awesome sewing projects that your kids will have a lot of fun putting together.

How to Choose a Sewing Project for Kids

Choosing the right sewing project for your child can make a difference in how much they enjoy the experience and want to continue sewing. Try to keep these two things in mind when you select projects for your kids to work on:

  • What level of sewing skill is your child currently at? You’ll want to make sure to choose a project that helps them to expand their skill while not being so complicated that it causes frustration.
  • What does your kid want to make? Don’t forget to take into account what projects your child has been asking to sew – helping them achieve their sewing goals will get them excited about sewing in the long term.


Sewing Project Ideas for Kids

Here are our top 10 picks for sewing projects that your kids will love!


1.Ugly Doll Softie

Regardless of whether your kids enjoyed the UglyDolls movie, they will love creating their very own adorable Ugly Doll softie! This sewing project is simple, quick, and easy – it’s the perfect hand sewing project for an absolute beginner sewer. Plus, your kids can customize the color and face of their dolls for a personalized Ugly Doll.


2. Heart Softie

Looking for the perfect easy hand sewing project to introduce your kids to the concept of sewing? Help them to sew their very own heart-shaped plushies. You’ll need very minimal supplies and they’ll be able to finish their first project in an hour or less. This is a great project to let your kids explore sewing as a way to express their creativity while achieving a quick win for their first project.


3. Coin Purse

A cute felt coin purse is another awesome sewing project for the absolute beginner – it’s also great for younger kids that may not be ready to work with a real sewing needle and thread, since this project utilizes yarn instead of regular thread. Yarn is easier to work with for uncoordinated little hands and a plastic sewing needle is a safer alternative to a sharp metal needle. Plus, your kids will love using their new purse to store their allowance in style.


4. Dachshund Softie

Do your kids love dogs? Well, this might be the perfect sewing project for them! Help your kids to sew an absolutely adorable dachshund softie. They can even make a baby dachshund for their softie, what could be more fun than that?


5. Sheep Pincushion

If your child is ready to advance to slightly more complicated shapes, they might enjoy sewing this charming sheep pincushion. This project is simple and still utilizes the basic running stitch for most of the sewing, but it provides an opportunity to practice the French knot stitch (for the eyes) and sewing around curves.


6. Embroidery

When I was in elementary school, embroidery became one of my favorite pastimes. I embroidered many, many tea towels in my day! With embroidery there are endless designs, colors, and stitches to learn. This is perfect for a child who loves to learn and experiment with their sewing, plus it helps them to master focusing on a task and continually working to improve their skills.


7. Teddy Bear Softie

A teddy bear softie is a true classic – and your kids will love making their very own teddy bears. This project is perfect for a beginner to sewing who has completed one or two ultra-simple projects, since the details of the bear do add a bit of complexity. It’s a great project to practice simple hand sewing stitches, and the resulting teddy bear is just adorable!


8. Narwhal Softie

Narwhals are unique and beautiful creatures, so they’re the perfect candidate for a magical little softie. This narwhal softie sewing project is simple to put together, but the finished stuffed toy is so charming! It’s a great project for your kids to customize the colors of their narwhal – they can even use metallic thread to add some sparkle and shine.


9. Felt Monster Softie

Let your kids express their creativity by designing their very own custom monster softie! They’ll love sketching out their monster designs and making them come to life through fabric and thread. This project is simple yet brings out a lot of creativity and fun.


10. Art Pillow

Another project that will allow your child to truly become the designer is a custom art pillow! Your kids can enjoy drawing fun designs directly onto light-colored fabric, then practice their sewing skills by turning their art-embellished fabric into throw pillows. This project is perfect for kids who love sketching and drawing and who are old enough to use a sewing machine.



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