Teach young ones the many joys of sewing

Creating something with your hands and completing a fun task can be extremely satisfying and cause for much pride and joy, especially for young ones. Art and crafts for kids is all about the process of exploring, learning and having fun.

Ready made sewing kits for kids is the perfect recipe for allowing these processes to flow naturally. The skills in hand sewing will in the future enable them to create unique items, fix broken ones, or alter some of the toys they possess. It is a skill they will find useful for the rest of their lives.

When teaching kids to sew you should always make sure to prep beforehand. Make sure everything is organized and ready when you decide to start the activity together. A kid’s attention span is generally lower than an adults, especially the first time they try something new. A fun hobby such as sewing will teach them patience and the ability to focus and follow instructions well. It is advised to not expect perfection when teaching kids arts and crafts, but instead create an openness around the process of trial and error until you reach the end goal. Mistakes are bound to happen along the way, but they allow for growth and will most likely add to your kids self-confidence as they learn from these mistakes.

Restrictions regarding social distancing and isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in parents and children spending most of their time together in private spaces. This new reality demands added fun ways to interact and spend time together. In the day and age of social media and screens, kids will benefit from learning a skill such as hand sewing that distracts them from the digital world and anchors them in the present moment.

Teaching kids to sew is a perfect way for them to explore their own creativity, improve cooperation skills and patience, refine motor skills and build self-confidence. Not to mention they will have fun in the process, and you will have created a meaningful activity away from screens that you can share together. Kids also seek acknowledgement and praise, which is something that they can obtain from their newfound hobby using needle and thread.

The many joys of sewing and creating something with your hands are endless! This activity is a great way to pass on an important and valuable skill to future generations, while also giving them a boost of confidence as they eventually see the final results of their efforts in front of them.

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