Felt Snake Tutorial


With this pattern you can make your very own felt snake.
It is a little more challenging then the projects in the Craftorama sewing kit, because now you will have to cut out your own pattern pieces and because it will not have pre-punched sewing holes, so you may need a bit more help from an adult, but if you are up for the challenge let’s go make this cute snake together!


You will need

  • Felt sheets (about 1 mm thickness) :
    • 1 full sheet of 12”x 8” for the main parts of the body
    • felt scraps in matching colors for the spots and tongue
    • You can pick any color combination you like, feel free to get creative!
  • Craft eyes (leftover from kit) Alternatively, if you have used up all the eyes in the kit, you can also use googly eyes or some small pieces of black felt.
  • Embroidery thread (leftover from kit)
  • Stuffing material (leftover from kit)
  • Pen (for tracing the pattern pieces)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (optional)



Step 1:

Print this pattern and cut out all the pattern pieces.


Step 2:

Pick the colors of felt you would like to use. Trace the shapes on the felt with a pen, and cut them out. (Below each shape you can see how many of them you need to cut out of the felt).


Step 3:

Glue or sew the spots on the snake. If you glue them it is best to use fabric glue because this will stay flexible when dry. If you don’t want to glue them you can also sew them on. The biggest spot is for the head and the smallest for the tip of the tail.


Step 4:

Cut two tiny holes where the eyes should go and put in the craft eyes. (or glue or sew on the googly eyes/felt eyes)


Step 5:

Align the two snakes and sandwich the tongue in between. Keep everything in place with a few pins.


Step 6:

Sew all around the snake’s head and body. It is easiest to start at the head, and sew all the way to the tip of the tail. Then, sew back to the head, but pause every few stitches to add some filling to the body before you continue sewing. Because the snake is so long and lean, this is easier than to stuff it completely at the end.

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